Create report inside docx
Create reports in docx using all the power of Microsoft word with no programming experience. Forget about qweb it's heavy and inefficient just put your data into docx in double curly braces like {{name}} and the data will be substituted automatically



An example of a module that adds func

Sometimes there are complex reports. And our module is fully consistent with the MVC-moel view controller design pattern. Calculation and processing of data should not take place in the template itself, instead it should take place in the model (python functions) using all the functionality of Odoo and python. And the report only displays the finished data. Although it has some of the same functionality just in case.

Sale order, move invoice

Complex reports with cycles, dynamic pictures inside cycles or headers. You can either replace the template image or insert the image dynamically

 Rus base 6 fish

Agreement with the client.

Supplier agreement.

Account agreement.

Supplementary agreement.

An invoice for payment.

Notice of Authorized Persons.

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