Manage docs inside Odoo

You can easy edit, read, share, save, preview your documents on fly, inside Odoo.
Module work in chats, discuss and chatter (any records)

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Main features


Clouds support

Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox (Export/Import files, create root folder, create folders by odoo record and other...)

Image Professional Editor

Draw, crop, rotate, text, resize, mask and other...

Webcam and screencast support

Front and rear webcam mode, screencast tabs,screen, apps.

More 30+ interesting features

Compress jpeg png webp attachments

Reduce the size of pictures by 3 times without noticeable loss of quality

Content search in documents

You can find your documents by phrase inside them instantly

Offlain preview xlsx, docx, ods, odt ...

You can also view your documents without connecting to the Internet

Attachments tags support

Create, delete, filter by tags. Any attachment has many tags

Favorites attachments

You can save attachment as favorites and import it in other record

Mobile support

All functions are convenient to use also from a mobile device

Copy as link (internal and external)

Provide quick copy(share) attachments as internal link for register users and external with access token for public user

Qrcode support

Provide share attachment by qrcode

Read all info about attachment

You can check author, date create and other info by click

Add attachment as URL

Provide adds attachments as url an store in odoo only link without data

Manage attachments

You can delete / download / search multiple attachments at a time

Restriction user manager

Restriction by user, actions on attachments

Two view mode

Tree and kanban view mode ( in future)

OCR by click

Ocr by click pdf and image attachments (in future)

Work in chat, discuss, chatter

Work with all attachments

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